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 +The search engine often track down the domain name to discover out more info including registrant date, update date, IP address and etc.  And it doesn't have to end in dot-com; I simply used this since it's the most usual domain suffix.  • Usually you will get a complimentary domain in web hosting plan, and if you only desire one web site, I would like propose you to get a web hosting program that only host 1 site.   
 +check this out: [[http://www.mertensgruppe.de/node/1447|best web hosting site]]
 +Template driven sites are great when you wish to receive your content online promptly.  These hosts have done all the hard function for you.  All you require to is choose a template and customize it with your content. .  All websites want to be hosted with a web hosting company of some kind called for to make their appearance on the World Wide Web.  They will also provide a devoted IPs and even private SSL for people who will get their services.  
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