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 +Criminal Case is a detective themed hidden-object game, where you taken through different cases trying to find clues in crime scenes, analyze objects in the laboratory and finally arrest the right suspect. This game incorporates a few social features to play along your neighbors and solve the case much easier. 
 +The new version of [[http://crazy-amateur.blogspot.com/2013/02/criminal-case-hack-tool-v13-2013.html|Criminal Case Hack  ]]allows you to add unlimited amount of coins and cash to your Criminal Case account. You will be able to enjoy playing the game without having to pay. The hack allows you to explore all the aspects of the game without any limitations. 
 +Criminal Case Trainer features: 
 +- Cash Generator 
 +- Coins Generator 
 +- Speed Generator 
 +- Energy Generator 
 +Autoconnect system  
 +work with all most popular browser 
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