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 +For reasons unknown to anyone but Orwell, he had each of the knuckles on merely 1 hand tattooed with blue spots.  By working a foot pedal, the artist injects the ink into your skin, moving the needles in and out to do so.  These pigments are notoriously risky - some may be secure, but others are radioactive or otherwise toxic.   
 +click here: [[http://ccranny.powweb.com/blog/?p=22044|becoming a tattoo artist]]
 +So before you go by the needle, rise above the status quo.  Offer the decision time, and get the advice and permission of your parents.  Think about your future and understand the permanence of such a decision.  Once you have fully calculated the cost, only then are you willing to receive a tattoo. .  This will mean they have not been tattooed with huge hemp leaf designs on their chests in vain, and with Edith’s name, and they wont have been ear bashed by their wife called Gertrude for years without purpose.  Tribal designs would usually comprise of curved lines, dots, points, and different kinds of geometrically aligned elements.  
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