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 +Numerous sites, especially small or older websites, are designed using static web pages. These webpages are constructed using HTML, Javascript, and Macromedia Flash computer code. This code is complicated to access on web servers and is virtually difficult to edit without special software and training. Thus, static sites are hard and expensive to maintain. 
 +To solve this site design and upkeep problem, a new technology called a Content Management System (CMS) was developed. A CMS uses a database to save, access, and change the content of your internet site.  Every page of your web site is stored as simple text - making it simple to edit, search, and manipulate. When someone visits your web site the CMS instantly converts your text into the necessary HTML and Javascript. In addition, the CMS database enables for extra features to be very easily integrated into the site: user login and passwords, events and calendars, blogs, news feeds, and much more.
 +The Php Catalog script is a “one in a box solution” ideal for presenting online any type of products or services.
 +Build everything you want, from a complex real estate site with thousands of pages to a basic one page single product demonstration catalog, and all that with merely a several mouse clicks.
 +Take a look at our internet site and discover some more info regarding our CMS script : [[http://www.tantumweb.com|php catalog script]]
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